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Your partner for the development of complex and integrated system and software solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience and innovative solution concepts, you can now fall back on our well-founded expertise with top-class strategic consulting.

ADS' roots and focus are still located in the aerospace industry. However, thanks to our well-matured knowledge and methological proceeding,

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System Software Product Line (SSPL)

SSPL provides solutions in the field of Configuration-Management and in the respective development areas for multi variant products, which need to fulfill different customer requirements in the respective market segment....
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Configurable Avionic Platform for Embedded System & Software (CAPES²)

CAPES² is a high level operating system for the control of operational software.
Effectively CAPES² represents an operating system framework with an hardware independent architecture based on the ARINC653 standard, With its help, the system...
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Test Automation Concept for embedded Systems (TACES)

TACES is a flexible and independent Test automatization concept. TACES can be tailored to any complex system and achieves a test automatization degree of more than 90%.
For a complete test run, test descriptions including defined boundary conditions...
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Avionic Developer System (ADS)

The Avionic Developer System is a development and integration platform which due to different interfaces and its modularity offers a vast range of applications....
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Compliance Utility for Business and Engineering Synergy (CUBES³®)

CUBES provides guidance in all complex development projects. It accommodates all roles and responsibilities, and all user specific view´s into the project. It gathers for various tools the relevant information and provides a consistent...
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