Avionic Developer System (ADS)

The Avionic Developer System is a development and integration platform which due to different interfaces and its modularity offers a vast range of applications Dynamic flight behavior can be automated or manually simulated to test function chains, in particular their dynamic behavior: Avionic Developer System

  • Standardized aerospace-specific interfaces (MILBus, Arinc 429 etc.) allow the integration of hardware and aircraft for the installation and simulation of an avionic system
  • Numerous applications can be used individually or in an interconnected manner in order
    to simulate the behavior of an avionic system
  • In addition, an Operator Station can be connected offering the possibility to control the execution of the relevant simulation tests
  • Thanks to its flexibility, it allows various applications: System/Subsystem Integration, demonstration and prototyping

Avionic Developer System


The system integrates a real-time software architecture called CAPES2 based on the IMA / Arinc653 standard. This enables both the development of individual operational functions or complete functional chains as a plug-in, and their steering through available interfaces, such as MFDs, CDUs and others.

By interfacing with a commercial flight simulator, we simulate various sensors to place all flight parameters in realistic flight behaviour on the data bus of the Avionic Developer System. Numerous functions - in particular, those that require an environment that can be adjusted
dynamically - can be tested in scenarios that can be re-run many times over. The system becomes a SW/SW integration platform for integrated simulation models or integrated operational software, such as vehicle health monitoring, flight planning, and mission management software.

The various cockpit panels and displays, as well as their adjustable set-up in the Avionic Developer System, allow for quick visualisation of HMI solutions, which facilitates the practical testing of control concepts.

HMI Solution & Displays






Configured as a Rapid Prototyper, the Avionic Developer System can support the early validation of software requirements.

When used as a Cockpit Procedure Trainer, it facilitates a more intensive learning experience through the handling of control elements. As well, a number of system error incidences can be loaded to simulate routine handling.

The system is completed by the use of our CUBES³ - a process model for the development of your functions and products in line with given standards. ADS will show how your functions and systems can be developed to be verifiably airworthy, in accordance with standards such as DO-178B/C or Certification Specifications (CS), with the help of CUBES³ coupled with the Avionic Developer System.